JetBrains MPS Elementary Course

The Elementary tutorial targets people that have already learnt some basics of MPS and want to try their skills on a simplified real-world problem. We will put to work the knowledge of structure, editor, text-get as well as a bit of the build language.
Intermediate Level
5 hours

About this course

This is an official JetBrains MPS course. This free hands-on course covers the essentials of JetBrains MPS from the language designer's perspective. In 4 - 5 hours you will create a stack of three languages and use them to model a simple high-level domain. The course covers the structure, editor, generator, textgen, and constraints aspects of language definition, as well as the build language and language plugins.

The training builds on the experience gained by JetBrains over the period of seven years delivering face-to-face MPS trainings to customers from both academia and industry.

To benefit from this course most, you have to understand the basics of MPS. The course assumes you already know why you want to learn MPS and what the domain of applicability is for the tool. The course builds on basic knowledge of the structure of projects in MPS, the notion of dependencies between models and modules as well as your familiarity with the structure, editor and the generator.

If you are totally new to MPS, we recommend that you first study the Fast Track Tutorial up to and including chapter 7 or enroll into the two-day MPS Introductory Course.

Whom this course is for

Software developers and computer language designers, who want to practice their basic skills of language design with MPS. Prior knowledge of JetBrains MPS basics is necessary.

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