JetBrains MPS for the impatient

A quick, focused tutorial for people totally new to JetBrains MPS. It provides a quick peek into what MPS does and how.
Beginner Level
2 hours

About this course

This is an official JetBrains MPS course. This free hands-on course covers the basics of JetBrains MPS from the language designer's perspective. In about 2 hours you will experiment with a nontrivial sample language, enhance it in several ways and learn the foundational concepts of JetBrains MPS.

The course deliberately skips most of the theoretical topics as well as the practical productivity how-tos, as these are only necessary when you become seriously motivated into entering the field of language engineering with MPS. This course leaves many of the questions unanswered in exchange for the speed and smoothness of the learning experience.

The training builds on the experience gained by JetBrains over the period of seven years delivering face-to-face MPS trainings to customers from both academia and industry.

To benefit from this course most, you will be asked to install JetBrains MPS and use it as you go through the exercises. Nothing beats hands-on experience when it comes to development tools. The course assumes no prior knowledge, although programming background is highly recommended.

Whom this course is for

Software developers and computer language designers, who want to learn the basics of the JetBrains MPS technology in a quick, focused online tutorial. No prior knowledge of JetBrains MPS basics is necessary.

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